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Skilled Jobs - Immigration to the United States

CIC Truck Driver Program

A trucker's dream running across the vast continent of America

High income and U.S. permanent residency at the same time

CIC Truck Driver Program?

Skilled Truck Driver Employment Immigration

In the United States, it is difficult to find job seekers suitable for the job due to the revitalization of logistics due to economic growth. 
From small and medium-sized family-owned businesses to large corporations, there is a
shortage of qualified truck drivers.
They are prepared to provide employees with competitive salaries and various welfare benefits such as health insurance, retirement pension, and life insurance.
CIC collaborates with American companies in various fields to find and connect sincere and honest skilled and unskilled talent.
We are giving them the opportunity to improve their quality of life.

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There are 3.5 million truck drivers in the U.S.
Still, the U.S. economy
We need more truckers.

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CIC works with these transport companies 
Supplying excellent manpower through contracts,
We help CIC's clients solve both employment and permanent residency at the same time.

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First, when you sign an employment contract
Permanent residency process will be carried out
with your spouse and children
It is possible to enter the United States.

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You have been granted permanent residency

When entering the US  CIC

We provide various initial settlement services such as issuance of social security numbers and acquisition of CDL commercial licenses.

“ In addition, when entering the United States after obtaining permanent residency, the customer's air ticket is also provided free of charge . ”

What are the qualifications?

  • ✉️ 그린카드란?
    그린카드는 미국으로가는 골든티켓으로 불리며 미국영주권을 뜻합니다. 신청인은 미국에서 영구적으로 체류할수 있고 고용된 회사에 근무하며 새로운 삶을 시작할 수 있습니다.
  • ✉️ 혜택
    그린 카드를 이용해 미국의 세계적 수준의 교육, 강력한 국가 경제, 다양한 인종,지리적, 기후적 다양성등 투표권을 제외한 모든 권리를 미국시민권자와 같이 누릴수 있습니다.
  • ✉️ 유효기간
    영주권은 최초 10년 동안 유효하며 이후 10년 단위로 갱신할 수 있고 미국거주 5년후 시민권이 신청이 가능합니다. 매년 제한된 수의 취업이민 비자만 발급 되기 때문에 최대한 서두르셔야 합니다.

EB3 Permanent Residence Benefits


employment benefits

Workplace medical insurance, retirement pension, etc.

Variety of Employment Benefits


Citizenship Opportunities

You can obtain a permanent resident card with a validity of 10 years, or obtain US citizenship 5 years after obtaining a green card.


children and spouse

Children under the age of 21 and their spouses automatically receive green cards together.


free education

Free public school education for your child


Another exceptional condition !

100% financing is available for your own truck purchase.


We are committed towards achieving your American Dream.
Therefore, Visa Solution will help you, and finance 100% of our services!

Procedures for obtaining permanent residency


Procedures and required time

Eligibility Verification, Contract, Employer Confirmation
2 to 8 weeks

Immigration filing and approval ($700)
2 weeks when applying for premium service

issuance of an interview letter;
Physical examination
4 weeks

Average Wage Calculation (PWD)
8 weeks

Payment of NVC transfer visa fee


job advertisement
8 weeks

Submit NVC DS260 
1 week

Embassy interview, temporary visa
1 week

Reception and approval by the Labor Office
8 to 20 weeks

DS-260 Review Complete
12 weeks

Enter the U.S. and obtain permanent residency
Total 1.5 to 2 years


unskilled immigration

Education, work experience, English

Unskilled program with no conditions


nurse immigration

More than 2 years of working experience

program for nurses


Canadian immigration

Canada's welfare

American opportunity at the same time

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