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Canada Immigration Express Entry Score Calculator

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Canadian federal immigration
Express Entry Score Calculation

이민 관심 국가

A. Applicant's Core Score 500 out of Core/Human Capital Factors

English Score (IELTS)  (Enter 0 points if there is no English score)

캐나다 근무경험 (과거 10년이내, 연속적일 필요 없음, 주에 30시간 이상)
해외 근무 경험
결혼 상태

B. Spouse Information Spouse Factors Out of 40 points  (If you are single, please enter N/A)

Spouse Language English Score (IELTS)  (If unmarried, leave blank)

배우자 캐나다 근무경험 (연속적일 필요 없음 )

C. Adaptive Ability Score (cross-calculated item) 100 points out of Skill Transferability Factors

Training up to 50 points

It is automatically calculated based on the information entered above.

One-year college or higher education + first language in each item
An IELTS score of 7 or higher is acceptable.
At least double academic background or IELTS score of 8 or higher for each item in the first language
you can get a higher score

Up to 50 points for overseas work experience

It is automatically calculated based on the information entered above.

1 year of international work + 1 year of Canadian work experience is eligible for points.
3 or more years of overseas work experience or 2 or more years of Canadian work experience
You can get a higher score.

D. Additional Points 600 points out of Additional Points

캐나다에서 받은 학력 추가점수
주 정부의 노미네이션을 받았습니다. (PNP에 대해서 모를경우 “없음” 선택)
고용주 보증 추가 점수 (LMIA에 대해서 모를경우 “없음” 선택)
불어 추가 점수 (불어 시험 점수 CLB7점 이상이면 자동으로 추가 점수가 생깁니다.)
신청자 혹은 배우자의 형제자매가 캐나다에 있음

When the calculation is complete, the result will be sent to your email. 


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